Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I made this Pastel painting last Monday. The paper has a nice and soft texture like handmade. I forgot the name but I will try and remember and post here later on.

Eu fiz esta pintura com Pastel na segunda passada. O papel tem uma textura macia, tipo feito a mao. Eu nao me lembro o nome do papel agora, mas assim que me lembrar colocatrei o nome aqui.


  1. This is quite beautiful. Flesh tones are very nice. I might try to make the dark stokes more refined like the skin tones, i.e. underneath the body. But as always your work is sensual and warm. RG

  2. Thanks Ray! your comments are always welcome..I will have it in mind what you wrote above..The paper I used in this drawing was a bit of challenge on itself too..


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