Thursday, 27 November 2014

nude acrylic on paper


                                    acrylic on paper 

this was a mixture of imaginary painting which developed from one of my initial real drawing that I did few years ago. It was a time in my life which I was feeling quite low and stacked..I drew the chain coming from inside her body  because this was a psychological chain.. 

Monday, 24 November 2014

SIAL AT PLAY from The Serpent and the Dove

This beautiful music was inspired by heartfelt poem called "Sial at Play" by Shaun Johnson found in Mandragora published by Scarlet Imprint 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Adora art video

Here is a lovely and inspiring video made by Adora's father..a collection of artwork made by artists all over the world featuring little Adora. This is the second video featuring works from number 300 to 700, from April 2012 to january 2014.

I was very happy and honoured to collaborate to 2 works in this video.

Soft pastel


 soft pastel

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Concertina book

I used acrylic ink for the outside of the book and Indian Ink for the inside of the book.
The paper was a 140 watercolor paper ...a little bigger that A3 size (half Imperial size)

latest drawings and pastels

Here are some of my latest drawings. I am starting to experiment with pastel mixed with chinese ink and I am loving it.  

                                             pastel painting on canson paper

                                                      ink and pastel on grass paper

                                                        pastel on collage surface paper

                                    pastel on canson paper

                                                         quick sketch using pastel

                                                     chinese ink on rice paper

                                                    ink and pastel on tracing paper

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Vintage japanese kimono shoes tutored by shoes desiger Hetty Rose

These lovely shoes were made from vintage Kimono fabric. It was a 4  days sessions spread in 4 weeks with the fantastic tutor shoes designer Hetty Rose based in London 

She worked really hard to make sure we understand all the way along the process of making a beautifil pair of vintage kimono fabric. It was my first time ever making a pair of shoes and I enjoyed the whole process from start to finish.

bellow are some samples of vintage kimono fabric left after we all had chosen our fabrics. It was a though decision they all look so lovely.  I was between the orange fabric  with the flowers and cranes or the blue flowering one.

This one was my choice for the shoes...

but I also bought this blue fabric as I couldn't leave it behind...maybe for a next project in the future.

a beautiful  golden pink soft leather for the inside of the shoes...

The yellow plastic shoes lasts, the insoles in between and the paper patterns...

here are the top fabric already saw and trimmed...

and here are the inside of the fabric the leather bit..I am sorry about my sewing I am not very good at it..I did this part in my sewing machine at home as I had to leave earlier that day to pick my child up at the school..I think the sewing machine at the centre would be a better one ..

again the shoes lasts and the soles spread out 

bellow... the edges of the soles with the leather strings all glued up drying out a bit before we stick it together...

leathers attached to the sole  and other bits...

Attaching the fabric to the sole with little metal pins and the shape of the shoes are beginning to take form..

Heals with glue drying out and later attached

drilling the screws to the beautiful shoes to make it strong bonding...


here are all the lovely shoes made by the group of 14 wonderful ladies..we took a group picture of ourselves but I am not posting this in here without their permission but I am posting their shoes instead...

some delicate ribbons in the back..

ready to go home..Hetty Rose makes everything perfect even a little bag to carry our lovely shoes home with some tissue paper underneath

after 4 weeks my shoes are  finaly home. Now just waiting for a good opportunity to put it on :)