Friday, 30 November 2012

Blue Wizard

Here is Blue Wizard doing a tarot reading for me ...he is also a healer and a studious in the subjects of Witchcraft, Spiritualism, Paganism and Theosophy. I decided to do this painting for the last Halloween..the painting didn't came out the way I imagined but still...

Acrylic on paper board

Flying girls

I have this painting that I did a few months ago and I didn't like so I decided to paint over it and create a new one...little flying girls...
Acrylic on plywood

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

By the way I hope you like my new redesigned website. It was subtle changes of color background and pictures more bigger... I like to change things around from time to time so people don't get bored or I don't  get too comfortable with my old ways.

My latest drawings  is a  Male nude and he  is a great model as he makes very interesting and exciting poses..shame that sometimes I can not draw his entire body in the quick poses as I get too concentrate in the head or in the colors or whatever else about the drawing I am doing that I miss out in drawing the whole body in the quick poses ( my quick poses are posted in my Flickr account ) having said that I also  realized that I went from drawing very small poses on the paper ( when I first started drawing nude seven years ago) to drawing my poses so big that they can not fit in the whole paper. I find it difficult to draw small again so I may need a big paper..I wonder why this has happened..
So bellow are 2 drawings from  one hour pose each.