Monday, 18 April 2016

mixed media drawings

Last term I decided to experiment with paper surfaces. I prepared the papers before drawing the nudes on top. There is the danger of the drawing not looking good and therefore just a waste of  material, time and energy, also of the paper surface being overwhelming and taking over the drawing.. these are the risks we have to take to try new ideas and not getting bored with the same old ways of drawing. Not sure if I would like a busy surface to draw on top all the time but these experiments helped my creative process and enriched my work 
   ...Bellow are the results...

ink, acrylic, gesso paper background drawing with charcoal and pastel on top

                 tracing paper with gesso on top and drawing with charcoal and pastel
 collage - tissue paper on top of wallpaper lining and acrylic - charcoal and pastel drawing on top
 newsprint paper collage on top of wallpaper lining - multimedia drawing with ink, acrylic paint mixed with wallpaper paste, printing - drawing on top with charcoal 

                              multimedia drawing/painting... gesso, ink, acrylic

gesso on sugar paper, charcoal and pastel drawing

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