Friday, 27 March 2015

few pastels and ink

 Back to my pastels again..but just for a short while as soon I will be experimenting with new things. I need to try different things otherwise I get bored or too comfortable with my old way of doing things, also need inspiration to enrich my art and to grow.

soft pastel on wooden board

soft pastel on sugar paper

                                                         soft pastel on tracing paper

                                 Chinese ink and soft pastel on my sketchbook


  1. Lovely pastels. What is sugar paper?

  2. That chinese ink one made for an interesting study!

    P.S. Your blog would be much easier to read with a white background instead of the aquamarine. Just sayin'.

  3. Hi Jean! sugar paper is a cheap paper yet very effective to draw with pastels because of this coarse surface. Used in art schools a lot for being affordable. The term 'sugar paper' I think comes from many years ago in England people used to go to the shops and by sugar and this was the paper the sugar was wrapped into ...someone correct me if I am wrong...

  4. Hi Debra! that chinese ink just happened was not was a quick pose and not sure if I could do it again..I like the end result. about the white background of my blog ..thanks so much for the advice I might try it to see if works better for people reading it..I know you are an expert on the subject as your blog is very professional.


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