Sunday, 6 April 2014

Crazy Hat inspired by Isabella Blow Exhibition

I went last year of Isabella Blow Exhibition at the Somerset House in London..
And I aslo went to a visit to the Grant Museum of Zoology in London  with my pre-foundation class and with that came the idea to do this hat...

                                                               Hornbill bird head skull drawing

                                                      Hornbill bird head skull at Grant Museum

                                                      paper sculpture ideas- purple in front and yellow at the back - looking at this in a certain angle could remind us of a "cat eyes" -  from here came the idea of the round shapes and colours of purple and yellow to my inside and outside hat printing design...

these printings above were made using rubber band on top of fabric and then using the hot press machine. This same image was scanned into computer and then manipulated with Photoshop to design the inside of my hat...

bellow are a few printings made using hot press machine into different types of fabric using my own drawings or found objects such as feathers, rubber patterns, jute, lace.. 

 these printings were made using my printing above of the hornbill bird head scanned into computer and manipulating it with Photoshop. So it could be printed back into paper or textile.

I used the idea from the sellotape sculpture to make a preliminary template for my hat. Next to it is a "natural sponge" from the tree in Brazil that I thought would mimic the fibres on the top of the head of the hornbill bird skull but unfortunatelly it was too thick to go into the hot press machine.

Templates paper and interface Vilene

inside hat printing on interface vilene

outside hat printing onto interface Vilene

I added all different sorts of things to my crazy hat...It was nice to experiment and make my own first hat...also doing this hat open up new interests for me such as textile art, print making and Photoshop into textiles.

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