Tuesday, 27 November 2012

By the way I hope you like my new redesigned website. It was subtle changes of color background and pictures more bigger... I like to change things around from time to time so people don't get bored or I don't  get too comfortable with my old ways.

My latest drawings  is a  Male nude and he  is a great model as he makes very interesting and exciting poses..shame that sometimes I can not draw his entire body in the quick poses as I get too concentrate in the head or in the colors or whatever else about the drawing I am doing that I miss out in drawing the whole body in the quick poses ( my quick poses are posted in my Flickr account  http://www.flickr.com/photos/under_the_willow_tree/ ) having said that I also  realized that I went from drawing very small poses on the paper ( when I first started drawing nude seven years ago) to drawing my poses so big that they can not fit in the whole paper. I find it difficult to draw small again so I may need a big paper..I wonder why this has happened..
So bellow are 2 drawings from  one hour pose each.


  1. Hello Elaine...wow..always such powerful pieces..very striking, poetic and mysterious too..! I love painting larger scale too..always have! i love the fleshtones here..and the soft bursts of diffusion..like mist! Beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much dear Victoria your visits and comments on my work always bright my pages and my day!


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