Friday, 5 July 2013

newest pastel drawings


  1. The first one is particularly nice!

  2. Always so deep, beautiful and emotional works..your pieces always evoke both strength and gentleness at the same time for me..beautiful harmony of line..shape..color and dreamlike qualities from another dimension...very beautiful...ethereal...and so expressive!!

  3. thanks dear Debra, they are all quick poses, that means they are drawn very quickly 8 min, 9 min and 20 min maximum poses. No long pose (1Hour) in here this time.I am glad you have one that you like best...thanks for your visit and lovely comment..

  4. Thanks dear Victoria for the nice feedback...what I like about these quick poses is that you can not think much just go with the emotional flow with the colour and then trying to be rational with the line. Is like that opposite flow with yin and yang all the time through the drawing...


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