Monday, 18 March 2013

Sunny Portrait

 Soft Pastel
this is a portrait of one of my cats called  Sunny who came to us as a baby from a Persian cat rescue center  in London. He has a very shy personality and can be quite scared when new visitors came to our flat. When he is alone with us he is very affectionate and like being cuddled. He is my little shadow and follow me everywhere in the flat. He loves "playing" football with a piece of rolled paper that we trow at him and he trace around the floor ... He also likes curled  with our other cat Paris. So there you have..a bit of background of this gorgeous boy cat :) 

Friday, 15 March 2013

Little Adora -

This is my portrait of gorgeous little contribution to the website her father is building to add 1000 portrait of Adora made by artist from all over the world with different abilities from Professional artists to self-taught and amateur and all sort of medium..if you are interest to join the fun and contribute to the site just visit the site and contact Hanan her father..there is not fee involved (or maybe a symbolic fee to your chosen charity) and all rights reserved to the artist.